Do you want to work with us?

We are on the look-out for people who would like to live and work with us on a long term basis, i.e several months or longer. Right now we host a lot of volunteers through Wwoof Norway, but are looking to find people who are willing to commit for a longer time and get more deeply involved in the farm. Over the past year we hosted about 30 people, and most only stayed 3-4 weeks. We are starting to find it a bit tiring to have so many people coming and going and feel we need more constancy when it comes to the people we work with. Life on the farm really thrives when there is a strong team feeling and a sense of enjoyment in the work and this is easier to achieve when the crew isn’t constantly being replaced and we have a chance to get to know each other.

We are looking for people who are interested in learning about becoming self-sufficient, and   producing organic food using natural techniques. Ideally you should have experience working physically (because it can be tough if you are not used to it) and be a practical and self-motivated person.  If you are interested in something in particular (e.g growing vegetables, haymaking, dairy work, growing grains, keeping sheep etc) we will gladly teach you as much as we can and try to give you as many opportunities as possible to work in your chosen area.

On our farm we do almost everything by hand, and use a horse instead of a tractor. This means we need a lot more manpower than conventional farms, so at certain times of year we need up to six volunteers to get the work done, e.g spring sowing and planting, haymaking and harvesting. We would really like to find maybe 2 people each year who could stay long term, (so we would have a core crew of 4) and just have wwoofers in the really busy times.

In return for your time and energy we will provide you with home-grown organic food, a room of your own and will try to share with you our knowledge and experiences. The farm is surrounded by forest, so there is plenty of space for exploring and lots of peace and quiet. If you would like to learn crafts like spinning, knitting, weaving, tanning, sewing, dyeing, woodwork etc, we can try to make time for this too. We are open to discussing the terms of your stay, working hours etc.

We live a bit old-fashioned in many ways: we do have running water and electricity but we don’t have a bathroom, an electric washing machine or a fridge. Instead we use a compost toilet, and a do our washing in a bike-powered machine. So if you want to stay here, you must be willing to live without some of the modern comforts.

If you want to get in touch about volunteering email me at:

hanna.testroet@ riseup.net

This is not meant as a way to bypass joining Wwoof Norway- please only email me regarding stays of three months or more.  You must speak either English or Norwegian fluently.