This is all my posts, ever, starting 2014:

Winter 2014

Spring is coming

Cheesemaking adventures

Spring 2014

Freeze, thaw, sun, rain, hot, cold


Våronn er ferdig!

Summer 2014

Making hay the norwegian way

Time flies and summer falls

Autumn 2014


Snowflakes and chaff

Winter 2014

4th December 2014

Winter reflections

New year, same winter

-Insert cheesey title here-

Spring 2015

Springing forth into summer

Bouncing lambs and chirping chicks

June 2015

Summer 2015

A birth and a death

End of summer

Autumn 2015

Dark times


Winter 2015

snøen har kommet

winter, wheat and wool


Audhumbla’s first calf

Is that cheese?

The harvest begins




2 thoughts on “Archive

  1. Håvard Nygård

    Hi Hanne
    We are running a organic farm i Øyer kommune and would like to visit you. We also want to live by working at the farm and have 2-3 others farms in the area with the same dream. Our plan is to sell our products to organics stores in Oslo and private families who wants to live the good life. Please call me or send me our number if you are interessed.
    Check out our webside
    Hope to hear from you
    Anita and Håvard m 93428721

    1. nordrestuksrud Post author

      Hi Anita and Håvard,
      Thanks for your message! It’s very exciting to hear from other local farmers with similar ideals. At the moment we dont have organic certification because we dont sell any food, but we are thinking about selling a few things in the future. You are very welcome to come and visit, it would be great to meet you and talk about your ideas.


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