the new year

1 January 2017

We celebrated the new year with our own roast lamb and vegetables. And (selvfølgelig) homemade beer. At midnight we went outside and watched as the whole valley became an explosion of light and sound. From up here we are able to watch about 50 firework displays at once from Follebu all the way to Lillehammer, and over the hill at Hafjell. It’s magical.

I figured that since my posts are so infrequent now, it might be a bit difficult for you to follow what’s actually going on here, so here’s an overview of what we did in 2016 and a mish-mash of pictures.

Ploughed all our land with the horse

Hatched and raised about 60 chicks

Grew a year’s supply of potatoes, carrots, parsnips, garlic, swedes, turnips, barley

Roughly half a years supply of onions, cabbages, squashes, peas, wheat, oats

And satisfactory amounts of pumpkins, greens, lettuce, radishes, snow peas and grew outdoor tomatoes for the first time

Grew crazy amounts of parsnip seed, and pathetic amounts of carrot seed

Cleared forest for a new pasture and made 300 posts for the fence

Fenced in the new pasture

Made a year’s supply of firewood

Made enough hay in the traditional way to feed 1 horse, two cows and  6 sheep through the winter

Fixed part of the barn roof

Fixed part of the roof of the house and put up new gutters

Raised and butchered five lambs, made sausages and salted meat

Delivered a breached calf

Milked one of our cows for nine months and made a years worth of butter and pultost, plus made the first successful brunost and gamalost and some extremely dry hard cheese.

Fixed alot of fences and made alot of gates

Hosted 24 volunteers through wwoof norway

Treated both of our cows for mastitis

Made around 20litres wine and 40litres beer

Picked alot of blueberries and currants and made a year’s supply of jam

Moved portable sawmill to the forest and started cutting trees for timber

Sold the car and bought a moped

Finally succeeded in destroying the mower

Finally unblocked the drain!!! (had to get a digger to dig the pipe up, and fix it)

Had our first chimney fire!

made stock out of elk bones

Made two crockfulls of sauerkraut

Produced all our own eggs

Got a new threshing machine




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