spring is coming…

.Image..after a long, white, winter the first small signs of spring are appearing on the farm. The past week the weather has warmed and the farm is slowly emerging from beneath the snow. FINALLY. It really seems like forever ago that i walked on the earth, for the past few months we’ve been living in a white misty winterland, where the boundary between heaven and earth was blurred, and the sense of time also. The wind and snow conspired to cover all tracks as soon as they were made, like a neurotic housewife. The furry catkins are starting to emerge from their buds on the willows, and insects and birds are appearing out of nowhere all over the place. I even saw a butterfly today, im always astounded at how they survive. Part of the waterall has reappeared along with the wonderful gushing noise of watery abundance. Apart from the birds, (so far ive only seen great tits and blue tits, and a pair of ravens fighting or courting) i discovered some interesting tracks down the road the other day, the main suspect being wolverine or possibly badger, and this morning some large tracks that looked cat-like, possibly lynx! Other than that its just hares and Gersemi, who’s little paws get all over the place.

Since I returned in January, alot of time seems to have been spent battling snow. Up untill a couple of weeks ago, we were going down the track every few days with the horse and sled, to try and keep a decent path open. The way up to the farm is impassable during the winter due to several metres of snow, so we have to walk the 1.5km down the hill to the car, if we want to go anywhere. Many times the horse was up to his chest, and we had to dig him out. One time he panicked, tried to jump free and ended up sliding head first down the steep slope next the the track. After cursing profusely and panicking slightly i (with the help of our wonderful wwoofer) managed to release him from the sled. He lay still for some time before wiggling down the bank and ended up on his feet with his head in a tree. Then i just had to dig him a path to get back up, and point him in the right direction (easier said than done.) We had a few incidents like this with him, and each time i nearly cried. The other front we had to fight against the snow was doorways and roofs. We spent several full days clearing snow from the roofs, after we realised just how much there was. In some places it was over 2 meters, and that was compact too. So it must have weighed tonnes. The barn was especially bad- after clearing the roof, the snow on the ground was UP TO the roof!


So after all that, now it seems like we cant prepare fast enough for spring (and here i am wasting time on the internet) There is SO much to plan, with the gardens, and we need to start sowing seeds indoors, and we dont even have any trays or pots and WHERE are we going to put them all!??

to be continued…


4 thoughts on “spring is coming…

  1. Adam

    Enjoyed reading, looks so amazing. Did the horse like get it’s head a bit wedged in the tree and need help?

    1. nordrestuksrud Post author

      hi adam,
      no he didnt get his head stuck, the tree was actually quite a good thing as it stopped him getting any more stuck, or going further down the hill. it was just a miracle he ended up on his feet! other times when hes fallen over on his side, we’ve had to dig his feet down and try and convince him to stand up. Sometimes he just doesnt want to get up at all, and we wonder if hes given up. hes pretty old, so i get really worried when he does that.

  2. Ewa

    Have you got a big manure pile ? Because if “yes”, maybe my new way of starting seedlings would work for you too – I’ve made a big wooden frame with an old window on top and a shelf inside which sits on top of the manure pile – there is masses of heat from the manure even on below 0 nights and the seedlings love it. During the day I have to open the window as it gets too hot. For next winter I plan to make a “hot bed” in the polytunnel – dig down for 50 cm or so and then put a box like the compost boxes on top, fill it all with rotting manure, put soil on top and eat salad all through winter!!!

    1. nordrestuksrud Post author

      We have alot of manure but its in a cellar under the barn, so its dark in there, but maybe we could make a pile somewhere and try that. I think this year we are just using all available windows in the house, fortunately we have quite a few! So i guess you already have your seedlings going!? I have been making sowing trays out of wood, as we didnt want to buy loads of plastic ones. So we havent sown anything yet.


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